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Writing literature review is an important part of developing a full-fledged dissertation. A research student must locate published or unpublished literature to filter out the required information necessary for your research. At Li-Review, get started in developing your own literature review and access all the services tailored to the needs of your research & dissertation. Our services range from providing consultation to preparing a well-organized PhD literature review. Here is a glimpse of our services:

  • Choosing and suggesting appropriate references for analyzing and synthesizing literature.
  • Consultation on literature review writing, wherein experts answer all your queries and guide you at each step.
  • Critical analysis of works chosen by clients and presentation of the analysis in a synthesis matrix.
  • Formatting of your PhD literature review chapter as per the styles such as APA, MLA, CMS, Turabian.
  • Checking citations throughout the chapter and locate the misplaced citations or references.
  • Editing and proofreading literature review to ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors. Structure, language and format are also kept under consideration.

We provide the expert solutions to each of your problems while writing the literature review. We have over 90 research experts from a surplus of research areas. We have access to over hundreds of citation indexes, library resources, and search tools for digging out thesis, dissertation, and research articles that relate best to your research. For getting assistance in developing and writing literature review chapter, reach us at info@lit-review.com.

Extra Benefits

No Repetition

We reduce the repetitions in the style and language of the chapters such as Introduction, analysis, and conclusion of your dissertation.

Delivery on time

All our services are time bound, and we have a track record of delivering written material well before the deadline.            

Authentic and Reliable

In our literature review writing services, we maintain complete authenticity of the content written. Our team functions in an ethical manner and assures that there will be no plagiarism in your literature review chapter prepared by us.

Recent & Trusted Resources

We also make sure that all the references that we suggest or use are reliable, relevant and recent. There will be no outdated resources or work by authors whose credentials are doubtful.

When you opt for our services, an experienced research consultant will be assigned specifically to you for your project. The consultant will guide you and provide the solutions to each of your problems on email.
The references are selected by a team consisting of subject matter experts, professional writers and research guides. We have a repertoire of online and offline resources, from which the most relevant, reliable and recent references are chosen for review as per the aim and purpose of your research study.
We have professional academic writers and consultants with decades of experience. They will draft the literature review chapter for your research paper, thesis or dissertation. However, the final chapter for submission has to be prepared by the student, as we do not allow clients to submit our work as it is.
We have a quick turnaround time, usually between 2 days to 2 weeks, based on the complexity of research and type of package(s) that you have signed up for.
Our writers are well versed with all citation styles like APA, ACS, MLA, Turabian, Harvard, AP, Chicago and others. Since citing references is vital part of the literature review chapter, we focus on getting it right.
We have several packages, catering to different needs of scholars and authors. From writing to consulting, we provide myriad solutions. Please check our literature review packages for more information.
We understand the importance of confidentiality of your identity and work, which is why we provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement to all our clients. We will never share your research work with third parties, and assure you that your consultation with us will remain confidential.


Don't let the time slip off your hands. You may not get sufficient time for developing the chapter of literature review, let it get completed by the experts at Lit-Review. Simply define us your research topic, objectives, required length &style for writing literature review chapter. Give us your 5 minutes and place your order online to get literature review help.

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