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As per the needs of your research study, you may be required to write a critical literature review for your thesis, research assignments and dissertations. While writing critical literature review, the student attempts to go beyond just summarizing the existing literature and throwing light on both the strengths and the weaknesses of research studies being reviewed.
When you are taking a critical stance towards the analysis of literature, you are bound to form your judgment upon the same to lay foundation to your research objectives. Subsequently, only these objectives will help you commence your study. For this being a challenging task, only a few are able to make it through.
We offer critical literature review writing service to research scholars for establishing the relevance of their research in what already is known about their research subjects. With our experienced writing panel, our services get backed up by confidence of timely and high quality results, leaving no scope for rejection.
We embark on the task of searching relevant literature which would contribute best to your research. But before that, we collaborate with you not only to explore the following questions but also to find the answers for the same and define them in the literature review chapter justifiably.

  • What is the research topic and other domains related to your research?
  • How much wide range of literature is available on the subject matter?
  • What are the sources of data collection in the literature being reviewed?
  • What are the main issues discussed and interpretations made by the authors?
  • What are the relevant questions or issues that were not tackled by the researcher?

What we do?

Detailed Writing:

We understand that inadequate information in your literature review about the research studies being analyzed is a sign of poor writing. We make sure that each topic or research is introduced and discussed throughout your critical literature review with sufficient data and sources. We keep the aim and purpose of your study while writing literature review for your thesis or dissertation.

Critical Evaluation:

Before we begin writing, we search, review and critique literature to obtain a research gap for your study. While being critical, we outline any weakness in the existing study that supports your research arguments and the positive points due to which the literature is considered for review.

Concluding the Review:

In this section, we briefly restate all the arguments that were discussed in the main body of the literature review. It also include recommendations and your judgment upon the arguments.

References in Apt Format:

We prepare a list of references in which all your citations and works consulted are written in proper format in the style as prescribed by your institution.

When you opt for our services, an experienced research consultant will be assigned specifically to you for your project. The consultant will guide you and provide the solutions to each of your problems on email.
The references are selected by a team consisting of subject matter experts, professional writers and research guides. We have a repertoire of online and offline resources, from which the most relevant, reliable and recent references are chosen for review as per the aim and purpose of your research study.
We have professional academic writers and consultants with decades of experience. They will draft the literature review chapter for your research paper, thesis or dissertation. However, the final chapter for submission has to be prepared by the student, as we do not allow clients to submit our work as it is.
We have a quick turnaround time, usually between 2 days to 2 weeks, based on the complexity of research and type of package(s) that you have signed up for.
Our writers are well versed with all citation styles like APA, ACS, MLA, Turabian, Harvard, AP, Chicago and others. Since citing references is vital part of the literature review chapter, we focus on getting it right.
We have several packages, catering to different needs of scholars and authors. From writing to consulting, we provide myriad solutions. Please check our literature review packages for more information.
We understand the importance of confidentiality of your identity and work, which is why we provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement to all our clients. We will never share your research work with third parties, and assure you that your consultation with us will remain confidential.


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