Systematic Lit Review

A more rigorous and detailed review of published and unpublished literature relating to a particular subject area is titled as Systematic Literature Review. In a layman’s terms, you may call it a research study in itself with its sole objective to answer well-focused questions. Contrary to the traditional literature review writing, which attempts to summarize the findings of existing studies, in relevance to the problem being discussed.

You may also find it named as ‘evidence-based review’ or ‘scoping’ or simply ‘systematic review’. The adjective as ‘systematic’ here is given to highlight the prolonged analysis that it entails. This type of review model builds a ground for improved future research practices and enriched quality studies. As it amalgamates the review techniques of summarizing, critiquing and rigorous analysis.

With these wide-scoped attributes, the systematic review is adopted broadly for research experimentations based on health and medical sciences. For instance, to study the best clinical practise for irregular heartbeat, you need to collect evidences, monitor the time frame of literature and synthesize the treatments adopted in the study. Hence, you would need to analyse and disseminate all the existing studies to intervene your research objective.

Through the following engaging steps, this systematic literature review can be accomplished:

1. Formulate your research questions
2. Generalised search on your research questions/ problems would uselessly consume time so, narrow down and state your search topics
3. Define inclusion and exclusion criteria
4. Select the databases to access the literature
5. Apply filters, defined in the third step and ensure the resulting literature is representative of your study objectives

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