Process of writing Literature Review

If you are a novice researcher, it is quite a confusing task to execute literature review writing, be it for thesis, dissertation, coursework or journal paper writing. A complex range of skills are called for before you embark on the PhD literature review writing process such as defining topics for exploration, searching and retrieving information, synthesizing data and adapting it to your writing.

Unlike how they sound, these set of skills are surely achievable and can be implemented to bring out an extensive literature review chapter. But taking assistance from a professional consultant on learning these skills is always favourable as it reduces the probability of errors, while ensuring a timely completion of your work. Our team at works with the same strategy.

We believe that a step-by-step guide with defined instructions can thus be an easy resource for writing literature review. Hence, we attempt to streamline the wide concept into three significant steps, as follows:

Choosing a topic or review subject

The most daunting, yet essential part is to select a topic, upon which you can search for literature. You can’t just hunt in the pool of information without deciding on the topic that you can look for. An essential point to keep into consideration here is that the review topic should not be wide and all-inclusive. This would, undoubtedly bring you close to immense literature but will cause difficulty in conducting the study.

For example, if you select “stock prices” as your topic of interest, narrow it down to locate the specific element that interests you in carrying your study. Is it the reasons of volatility in stock prices or tools to measure volatility in stock prices? This would give a direction to your topic & would help you find relevant information.  Since sufficient literature is essential for your research, it is advisable to start with a narrowed topic and if required slightly broaden the scope as you progress.

Searching and analysing the existing Literature

Now as the topic has been selected, the next step is to search and identify appropriate literature. There are multiple sources to look for past researched information such as online and offline databases, academic journals by subscribing to libraries, books, newspapers, interviews, etc. The literature can be in included the form of primary data, usually collected from original research studies, secondary data from sources like a review report. Conceptual papers and procedure & findings of clinical trials are also a good form of relevant information.

When your search is executed well, a critical assessment and analysis is the next essential step. You must ensure that the information summary including the title, author, publication year, source type and similar important details are not missed out. Upon a review to each literature, you must give strong arguments, which highlight the existing study from a new and different perspective. The ethical and sound way of reviewing literature is to argue on the strategies adopted by the previous researcher.

Drafting the literature review

When, in the previous step, you have determined the relevant literature with its purpose and prospective, the same can now be jotted down in your research study. You can choose from different approaches on how to summarise the gathered literature in your literature review chapter/section. Chronological presentation would be appropriate if you are to present the emergence of a problem or topic, while flowing from theoretical to methodological literature could be another approach that would generate reader’s interest.

Our experienced team assists you at all stages of the literature review writing process. From deciding a topic for review to locating a research gap and framing hypothesis, to writing the literature review. Our extensive training on the widely adopted writing style guides such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago and Turabian, ensures up-to-date knowledge to our writers, such that they can comply with your University guidelines. With that our timely delivery and quality work commitments make us the finest choice.

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