What is Literature Review

The literature related to any subject forms a foundation for further study of the issues related to it. An understanding of past theories and concepts is essential if one wants to propound a new theory or prove a viewpoint. This understanding comes from an in depth critical analysis of literature sources available on the topic. This process is named as literature review and writing a brief of the previous literatures to justify your research is known as literature review writing.

Preparing a literature review is crucial for all research scholars as an important element of a research article, report, thesis or an academic proposal. It involves thorough reading, analysis and evaluation of scholarly material and hence, turns out to be a time consuming task. This calls for the need of literature review writing service by experienced professionals, who can critically review the existing studies.

While the PhD literature review chapter is a part of all research works at the masters or PhD level, sometimes, it may also be presented as a paper in a standalone manner.

How We Help

At Lit-Review.com, through our literature review writing service, we not only guide you for conducting excellent literature review and research methodology, but we also give advice on how you should write and present your research paper. In addition, we help you to understand various citation styles used in the academic field.

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Tips For Writing Literature Review

Through years of experience, we have developed some basic rules for writing a fantastic literature review chapter. Here, our team shares some tips that will definitely help you.

  • Start by introducing the research question or the issue being addressed through the study
  • Write about the trend which is observed in the resources which are related to the topic, regarding the views, methodologies, etc.
  • Point out the research gap or inconsistency in conclusions, if it is found after a thorough analysis of resources
  • Since it is a critical review of literature, the criteria used for reviewing must be made clear
  • Define the scope of the chapter, i.e., why a certain work has been included or excluded
  • The sequence in which you present the references must be clear and uniform. If you are following a chronological pattern, maintain it throughout for all references. The grouping can also be done on the basis of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, works that support and oppose the issue, alphabetical order by names of authors/books, etc.
  • You must summarize each work to emphasize the result it draws
  • Briefly mention how the findings mentioned in the references impact the area of study
  • At the end, it is advisable to present the comparison between the references in a tabular form for easy understanding

Follow these suggestions and you will be closer to creating an outstanding literature review.

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  • Deadline for submission
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